I write about the environment, human impacts, and climate change. My coverage as a reporter ranges from wildfires and sea level rise to new technology and policy. I especially enjoy unraveling the mysteries of the world around us, like the unexplained, curious case of the Earth blobs.

Before writing, I researched ocean physics for my Master of Science. I used theory (aka, math) to describe the motion of the ocean’s surface under different forces, like wind and pressure differences. Someday, that research may improve the approximations that models use to assess ocean mixing and turbulence globally.

Outside of the office, I hike, ski, and read. I occasionally get to remember what it’s like to slow down and see the scenery, like watching a rainstorm roll by in the high Sierras.

Want to reach me? Got story tips? I’m currently at jduncombe [at] agu [dot] org or on Twitter.